Upper Room Discourse: Secrets of the Spirit

Because all power in heaven and earth had been placed in the hands of Jesus, he was, in a sense, directing his own death. He was in command throughout all this amazing series of events.

Bible Studies in the Gospel of John 13-17

Secrets of the Spirit

The Towel Wearers V Jn 13:1-20
Judas and Peter V Jn 13:21-38
The Cure for Troubled Hearts V Jn 14:1-11
The Other Comforter V Jn 14:12-20
Love's Power V Jn 14:20-31
God's Vineyard V Jn 15:1-11
Love and Hate V Jn 15:12-16:4
The Message of the Spirit V Jn 16:4-15
The Abiding Principles V Jn 16:16-33
The Accomplishments of Jesus V Jn 17:1-8
Kept V Jn 17:9-19
One Body V Jn 17:20-26

The passage known as the Upper Room Discourse in the Gospel of John, chapters 13 through 17, takes us into the intimate thoughts of Jesus just before his Crucifixion. Some have called this the "holy of holies" of Scripture. That is, if you think of Scripture as a temple, this is the sanctuary, where you come into the very presence of God himself. By means of his words to his disciples, we are permitted here to enter into the thinking and emotions of Jesus just before his own crucifixion. Within hours of this event, the Lord was hanging upon a cross. In less than twenty-four hours he was dead and buried. These therefore constitute the last words of Jesus before his own death.

As we look carefully, then, at this passage--a few verses at a time--we will begin to see more clearly into the heart of our Lord, into his total understanding of our needs: to see his preparations and provision for us, and to understand more clearly how we are to bear the fruit which remains.