2015 Ministry Praise Report

Ray Stedman

Dear Faithful Friends,

This report to you is filled with blessings from the Lord, and describes what we see — and need — ahead. We are Supremely grateful for your partnership, upholding this website ministry with your prayers and gifts. You empower its amazing global growth and Kingdom impact — as shown here …

Our devotionals, The Power of His Presence and Immeasurably More, are being emailed daily in English, Chinese and Spanish — the native or second languages of over half the world's population. A $10,000/month Google grant is helping us reach our growing Spanish and Chinese audience, resulting in a growth rate of over 400 subscribers per month. We now have more than 12,000 subscribers receiving these devotional emails each morning. This is truly dramatic — and praiseworthy!

53% of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, so we’ve upgraded our devotion email for mobile platforms, including tablets and smart phones. The Lord is increasing our website audience, with 5.3 million Pageviews in 2014 ( +25% over 2013 ), and 1.6 million Users ( +41% over 2013 ) — it’s more than all we ask or imagine ! ( Eph 3:20 ) Your greatest impact for this ministry could be to forward a devotion email to your friends. The Subscribe button on your email allows them to begin receiving these devotions. Please help these messages reach many more people.

Many requested that Immeasurably More be printed in hard copy, and the Lord has provided the necessary $25,000 for this. We'll advise on the website when it is available. A THIRD devotional is being planned for the website and emails during 2016. The funds have already been given and our author Mark Mitchell is preparing the materials. Please pray for Mark, for the editing and completion of the devotional, and for the Chinese and Spanish translation / editing team.

We DO have a specific request to make. The website has grown past 500,000 Pageviews per month, simply with volunteer help. But as we move toward One Million Pageviews per month, hiring staff is needed to keep up. So we ask: Please Continue Giving — you are needed now more than ever! Please also carefully consider increasing your support, allowing us to: 1) hire part-time administrative help, 2) bring on technical Web support, and 3) add new content and audio to the web and devotions. Please prayerfully consider how you can participate. Thank you! We are trusting God — and asking His people.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization we minister through your tax-deductible gifts. You enable us to freely spread these gospel messages worldwide. We know that you are also being blessed, because — well … it's BIBLICAL — that's what God does! ( 2 Cor 9:7-15 ) We, Elaine Stedman, her family and our many subscribers thank you. The Lord is honoring and increasing this work. Rejoice with us!

It has been loaves and fishes around here and God keeps feeding thousands, multiplying your gifts and prayers. We’re always amazed with how the Lord is shaping people’s worship and trust in Him:

  • Thank you for keeping Ray’s teaching alive! — Nigel from PA
  • I appreciate Ray’s very valuable teaching! — Allen from TX
  • These teachings have been much help to me in understanding and growing in faith! — JoEll from FL
  • The expository sermons and audio files have opened my eyes to understand the Scriptures. — David from NY
  • For a recent widow this soul-nourishing ministry is God’s promise fulfilled in a depth of wisdom. — Elizabeth from NM
  • Every morning this wonderful ministry centers us on our walk with Jesus. — Rich & Esther from IL
  • Thank you for this invaluable wellspring of edification and inspiration. — Vivienne from Germany

We are indebted to the Lord for you all, and pray for you with thanksgiving as you partner with us. We look forward to hearing from you too!

With humility and joy,

Don Broesamle, Rich Carlson, Mark Mitchell, Greg Sims, Jimmy Stewart and Bo Winston
Board of Directors, Ray Stedman Ministries

Ray Stedman Ministries
PO Box 615
Mount Hermon, CA 95041
Don Broesamle, Executive Director