Old Testament: Message Listing

Genesis: The Method of Faith

Foundations for Living

In the Beginning
Gen 1:1
Out of Darkness
Gen 1:1-5
The Invisible Kingdom
Gen 1:6-8
To Bring Forth Fruit
Gen 1:9-13
Signs and Seasons
Gen 1:14-19
The Heights and Depths of Life
Gen 1:20-23
Born to Reign
Gen 1:24-26
The Glory and the Misery of Man
Gen 1:26-28
Sex and Food
Gen 1:27-31
The Seventh Day
Gen 2:1-3

Understanding Man

Was Adam for Real?
Gen 2:4-7
The Making of Man
Gen 2:4-17
The Making of Woman
Gen 2:18-25
The Enticement of Evil
Gen 3:1-5
The Heart of Temptation
Gen 3:6
The Package Deal
Gen 3:7-13
God at Work
Gen 3:8-21
The Devil's Burden
Gen 3:14-15
Love's Disciplines
Gen 3:16-19
Exit From Eden
Gen 3:20-24

Understanding Society

Why do men Hate?
Gen 4:1-8
The Mark of Cain
Gen 4:9-16
Too Much, Too Soon
Gen 4:17-26
Adam's Book
Gen 5:1-27
Signs of Collapse
Gen 6:1-12
The Way of Escape
Gen 6:9-22
The End of the Old
Gen 7:1-24
The New Beginning
Gen 8:1-22
Who Needs Government?
Gen 8:21-9:17
The Three Families of Man
Gen 9:18-28
God's Funnel
Gen 10:1-32
Controlling God
Gen 11:1-9

The Man of Faith

The Beginning of Faith
Gen 11:31 - 12:9
The High Cost of Letting Down
Gen 12:10 - 13:4
Letting God Choose
Gen 13:5-18
When You Need a Friend
Gen 14:1-16
The Peril of Victory
Gen 14:17-24
Faith Conquering Fear
Gen 15:1-6
The Furnace and the Lamp
Gen 15:7-21
It all Depends on Me
Gen 16:1-15
The Circumcized Life
Gen 17:1-27
When God comes to Dinner
Gen 18:1-15
How Prayer Works
Gen 18:16-33
The Wasted Years
Gen 19
Old Natures Never Die
Gen 20
Ishmael Must Go!
Gen 21:1-14
This Thirsty World
Gen 21:14-34
Life's Hardest Trial
Gen 22:1-19
Till Death do us Part
Gen 23:1-20
Here Comes the Bride
Gen 24:1-67
The Abundant Entrance
Gen 25:1-8

Leviticus: The Way to Wholeness

Esther: A Queen Under Control

Job: The Hardest Lesson

Psalms: The Worship of an Honest Heart

Ecclesiastes: The Inspired Book of Error

Things that Don't Work

The Search for Meaning
Eccles 1:1-18
Life in the Fast Lane
Eccles 2:1-26
That Wonderful Plan for Your Life
Eccles 3:1-22
Why does God allow This?
Eccles 4:1-5:20
Things are not What they Seem
Eccles 6:1-7:14
Whoever said Life was Fair?
Eccles 7:15-8:1
Can We Trust Government?
Eccles 8:2-15
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
Eccles 8:16-9:10
The Only Way to Go
Eccles 9:11-10:15
How, Then, Should we Live?
Eccles 10:16-11:10
Before It's Too Late
Eccles 12:1-14

Isaiah: The Salvation of the Lord

Jeremiah: A Profile of Courage

Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Walls

Daniel: On the Way to the Future