Podcasting: Download a Message Series

Welcome to Podcasting at RayStedman.org. This is an easy way to download an entire series of messages with just a few mouse clicks. You may download these messages to an iPod or other MP3 Player and listen to Ray in your car, on the train, while doing chores or gardening. Podcasts are currently available for each New Testament Series on the website, with more coming over time. You may wish to print this page of directions if you have never used iTunes before. We hope you will find this new feature useful.

You will now find this icon on many of our website pages: iTunes Podcast. Clicking on one of these icons begins the download of that message series for your personal use. For example, clicking on the icon shown above takes you to the Ephesians messages series — the first step of a Podcast download. These same iTunes icons are now located on each New Testament page of the website: Matthew, Mark, John, etc.

Following are the steps for subscribing – free of charge – and downloading these Podcasts. It may take you a few minutes the first time, but will become easier with each download. (You may wish to print this page of directions if you are new to iTunes.)

  • Locate the New Testament message series you wish to download and click on its iTunes icon.
  • If iTunes is not currently on your computer, an iTunes "Free Download" button will appear on the page. Clicking this button will download and install iTunes, creating a place on your computer to store Podcasts. We worked with the people at iTunes to make storing the Podcasts as easy as possible.
  • When asked whether to "Run" or "Save" the downloaded iTunes file, select "Run". (If you already have iTunes installed, you will not see the "Free Download" message — please continue to the next step.)
  • Click the "View in iTunes" button to the left of the message listing. This will open iTunes, where you will find the Podcast message listing.
  • You may choose any single message right away by moving your cursor over the number appearing just before each message title, revealing a blue circle with a right facing arrow — a “play” button. Clicking on this button begins to play this message. To download an entire series, continue to the next step.
  • Click the "Subscribe Free" button. This will create a subscription to the Podcast, which will then begin by downloading only the first message in the series.
  • Click the "Podcasts" button in iTunes, located toward the top of the left-side menu list. This will show you a list of all Podcasts for which you are subscribed.
  • Double Click on the Podcast Series title you are going to download (iTunes may still be downloading the first message).
  • Click the "Get All" button, located to the right of the Podcast title, at the top of the light gray listing of messages shown on your screen. This will start the download of all the messages from that list to your computer (For example, the Ephesians Podcast title is "Ephesians: The Calling of the Saints"). iTunes will display progress indicators on your screen as each message is downloaded.

You will now have all of the messages of that Podcast Series downloaded to your computer! To copy these messages to an iPod or other MP3 player, simply "sync" the player with your iTunes Library. To perform a "sync" operation, please read the directions offered in iTunes, or ask a friend how to do this. Many people commonly listen to music or Podcasts on a portable player, and will be able to help you.

We pray that your enjoyment of these timeless messages as an everyday part of your life will help you grow in your own understanding of the Word as Ray Stedman leads us through the Scriptures.