by Ray C. Stedman

Ray C. Stedman preached this series of 27 messages from the letter of Paul to the Romans in 1962-63 at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California. This is the earliest series of Mr. Stedman's works to be preserved in printed form. These sermons are Discovery Papers #5 - 31.

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1 Simple Christianity (Rom 1:1-17) (DP #5) 15 Prayer, Providence, Praise (Rom 8:26-39) (DP #19)
2 When Everyone Knows God (Rom 1:18-32) (DP #6) 16 Who Chose Whom? (Rom 9:1-29) (DP #20)
(audio missing)
3 The Secrets of Men (Rom 2:1-16) (DP #7) 17 How Far Away is God? (Rom 9:30-10:21) (DP #21)
4 Red Herrings (Rom 2:17-3:8) (DP #8) 18 The Christian and the Jew (Rom 11:1-36) (DP #22)
5 Peale or Paul? (Rom 3:9-26) (DP #9) 19 Discovering the Will of God (Rom 11:33-12:2) (DP #23)
6 Exhibit A (Rom 3:27-4:25) (DP #10) 20 The Body at Work (Rom 12:3-8) (DP #24)
7 Faith Faces Life (Rom 5:1-11) (DP #11) 21 Authentic Christians (Rom 12:9-21) (DP #25)
8 To Reign in Life (Rom 5:12-21) (DP #12) 22 Citizen-Saints (Rom 13:1-7) (DP #26)
9 The Day I Died (Rom 6:1-14) (DP #13) 23 The Demand of the Hour (Rom 13:8-14) (DP #27)
10 Choose Your Master (Rom 6:15-23) (DP #14) 24 About Doubtful Things (Rom 14:1-23) (DP #28)
11 Do Christians Need the Ten Commandments? (Rom 7:1-13) (DP #15) 25 Power to Please (Rom 15:1-13) (DP #29)
12 False Consecration (Rom 7:14-8:4) (DP #16) 26 The Minister of Jesus Christ (Rom 15:14-33) (DP #30)
13 In the Arena (Rom 8:5-14) (DP #17) 27 The Former Day Saints (Rom 16:1-27) (DP #31)
14 The Joy of being Grown Up (Rom 8:14-25) (DP#18)

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