Stained Glass Window of Christ with His Disciples


但记这些事要叫你们信耶稣是基督,是神的儿子,并且叫你们信了他,就可以因他的名得生命。 (约翰福音20:31)


Believing that Jesus is the Christ
Who is Jesus? John 1:1-4
Hello Darkness John 1:5-13
The Stranger of Galilee John 1:14-18
Call the First Witness! John 1:19-34
The Man who Knew Men John 1:35-51
Water to Wine John 2:1-11
The Temple Cleanser John 2:12-25
Born of the Spirit John 3:1-16
The Best Possible News John 3:16-36
The Man Who Understood Woman John 4:1-42
Faith's Encouragement John 4:43-54
Do you Want to Get Well? John 5:1-17
The Secret of Jesus John 5:18-20
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands John 5:21-30
The Credentials of Jesus John 5:31-47
The Testing of Faith John 6:1-15
The New Resource John 6:16-21
What are You Working For? John 6:22-40
Life with God John 6:41-59
To Whom shall We Go? John 6:60-71
Is Jesus for Real? John 7:1-24
For Those who Thirst John 7:25-52
Judging the Judges John 8:1-11
The Breakthrough Point John 8:12-30
Straight Talk from Jesus John 8:31-47
The Choice John 8:48-59
Believing Is Seeing John 9:1-39
The Shepherd and His Sheep John 10:1-21
Mad Man or God-Man John 10:22-42
God's Strange Ways John 11:1-16
Death's Conqueror John 11:17-44
What's Going On? John 11:45-54
Worship Or Waste? John 11:55 - 12:10
Triumph Or Tragedy? John 12:12-26
Faithful Belief and Fatal Unbelief John 12:27-50
Servant Authority John 13:1-17
The One Commandment John 13:18-38
The Cure for Heart Trouble John 14:1-14
That Other Helper John 14:15-31
The Vine and the Fruit John 15:1-11
Loving amidst Hate John 15:12 - 16:4
The New Strategy John 16:5-33
The Longest Prayer John 17
The Way to the Cross John 18:1 - 19:3
He Endured the Cross John 19:4-42
The Incredible Hope John 20:1-18
The New Commission John 20:19-31
Breakfast by the Sea John 21