Featured Scripture for November — Timothy: The Pastor's Primer

Is not the greatest thanksgiving for our faith, that by grace allows us to be in Christ? Those who are genuine will depart from iniquity in gratitude for that amazing grace.

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Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Book of Timothy

The Apostle Paul tells us one problem in the church was the wrong understanding of the law. There were those who were trying to regulate people's conduct by imposing rigid regulations, to be carried through to the letter, without any understanding of the control of the indwelling life and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the wrong use of the law. The law, Paul says, is intended for a specific purpose. He says the law is given, "for the lawless and disobedient" (1 Timothy 1:9b RSV). But if you have come to Christ, and your heart is intent upon pleasing him, you do not need the law to keep you from doing wrong -- love will do it!

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