Featured Scripture for May — 1 John: The Fruit of Fellowship with Christ

Do we find it easy to believe a trusted friend, or even a stranger or the daily media, but doubt what God says in His Word? Are we making God out to be a liar?

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Featured Book

Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Book of 1st John

When John was called to the ministry by Jesus, he was found mending his nets. John is a mender. His written ministry comes in after the church has been in existence for several decades and at a time when apostasy has begun to creep in. There was need of a voice to call people back to the original foundations; John calls us back to truth. When we begin to drift, when some false concept creeps into our thinking or into our actions, it is John who is ordained of the Lord to call us back, to mend the nets, and to set things straight.

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