Featured Scripture for December — Job: The Hardest Lesson

There is no room for phoniness in authentic Christianity. Rationalizing is feckless, so are we seeking genuine heart knowledge and intimacy with Christ our Lord?

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Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Book of Job

The book of Job is perhaps the oldest book in the Bible. No one knows who wrote it. Some scholars think Moses may have written it, while some date it as late as the time of Solomon. But one thing is certain: the Holy Spirit gave this book to us. It is a very profound book, and in many ways it touches upon certain themes more deeply than any other book of the Bible. It is also a very beautiful book, written in majestic, glorious language.

Job was a real man, not a mythological figure. According to the opening part of the book, Job lived in the land of Uz, and he was probably one of the most prominent citizens of that land. He was a contemporary of Abraham, most likely, so this book goes back to the very beginning of biblical history.

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