Featured Scripture for January — John: Who is this Man?

Do you ever wonder if Jesus actually was what he claimed to be? Do you have trouble at times understanding what he is saying in the scriptures?

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Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Gospel of John

The fourth Gospel holds peculiar significance to me for many reasons, but especially because it is written by the disciple closest to our Lord. When you read the Gospel of Matthew, you are reading the record of our Lord as seen through the eyes of a devoted disciple. Mark and Luke, of course, were dedicated Christians who knew and loved Jesus Christ, though they learned about him largely through the testimony of others, but John is one who leaned upon his breast. He was of that inner circle which included Peter and James, who went with our Lord through the most intimate circumstances of his ministry and heard more than any of the others. Here is the testimony of our Lord's closest friend.

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