Featured Scripture for February — Ecclesiastes: The Inspired Book of Error

When supportive talk seems out of vogue, how easy it is to passionately complain about the government. Do our conversations betray a lack of trust in the Godhead?

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Adventuring Through the Bible

Overview the Book of Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is the findings of what humans are able to discern "under the sun," by which the writer means the visible world. The book does not take into consideration revelation that comes from beyond human powers of observation and reason. It is an inspired, accurate book. It guarantees that what it reports is what people actually believe. But it is an examination of those beliefs. The book is not merely a collection of ancient philosophy, for what it talks about is very much up-to-date and extremely relevant. In this book the philosophies by which people attempt to live life are brought into consideration and examined. That is why Ecclesiastes is so practical and up-to-date.

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