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We pray this online library helps you move beyond religion, beyond doctrines, beyond rules, beyond rituals, and into a life-changing experience of being intimately connected with Christ at the very core of your being — for this is authentic Christianity!

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The Power of His Presence
January:Mark: The Servant Who Rules
February:Ecclesiastes: Things That Don't Work
March:Ephesians: Riches in Christ
April:Genesis 1-11: Foundations for Living
May:1st John: Life with Father
June:Genesis 12-25: Abraham -- The Man of Faith
July:John 13-17: Secrets of the Spirit
August:Nehemiah: Principles of Reconstruction
September:    2nd Corinthians: authentic Christianity
October:Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith
November:1st & 2nd Timothy: Letters to a Son
December:Job: Let God Be God
Immeasurably More
January:John 1-12: Our Lord's Closest Friend
February:Isaiah: The Farseeing Prophet
March:Philippians: Christ, Our Confidence and Strength
April:Leviticus: The Way to Wholeness
May:Acts 1-12: An Unfinished Story
June:Praying to the Father
July:Acts 13-28: Turning Point
August:Jeremiah: Profile of Courage
September:Romans 1-8: From Guilt to Glory
October:1 Corinthians: Epistle of the 21st Century
November:Romans 9-16: From Guilt to Glory -- Exhibited and Experienced
December:Hebrews: All About Faith