Statue of Christ Wearing a Crown of Thorns

New Testament

The mighty truth is that the glory of the Lord Jesus is present within His people. He fills our hearts and lives, and opens our eyes to grasp this in fullness so that we may see Him and trust in Him. Too often we are hardly aware of these realities, seeking only that which is immediately before us. But the Lord reveals Himself to us here in such a way that our hearts long for Him and yearn for Him. As we ponder the New Testament, the Holy Spirit reveals all that will make men and women full and complete in Jesus Christ.

Bible Book Studies

Matthew: Behold Your King!
  • Behind History
  • What on Earth's Going to Happen? (Olivet Discourse)
Mark: He Came to Serve
  • The Servant who Rules
  • The Ruler who Serves
John: Who is this Man?
  • Believing that Jesus is the Christ
Acts: An Unfinished Story
  • Where the Action Is
  • The Church under Pressure
  • The Pattern Setters
  • The Prisoner of the Lord
Romans: The Master Key to Scripture
  • From Guilt to Glory -- Explained
  • From Guilt to Glory -- Exhibited
  • From Guilt to Glory -- Experienced
1 Corinthians: Epistle to the 21st Century
  • Wisdom: The Skill of Living Life
2 Corinthians: authentic Christianity
  • A Living, Vital Christian Faith
Ephesians: The Calling of the Saints
  • Riches in Christ
  • The Ministry of the Saints
  • The Christian in the World
  • Christian Relationships
  • Spiritual Warfare
Philippians: Christ, Our Confidence & Strength
  • Praise, Confidence and Rejoicing
Colossians: Power to Endure with Joy
  • A Life Worthy of the Lord
Thessalonians: Hope for a Hopeless World
  • First Thessalonians
  • Second Thessalonians
Timothy: The Pastor's Primer
  • First Timothy
  • Second Timothy
Hebrews: All About Faith
  • Depending on God's Work in Us
1 John: The Fruit of Fellowship with Christ
  • Maintaining Fellowship
  • Maintaining Truth
  • Maintaining Righteousness
  • Maintaining Love
  • Maintaining Assurance
Revelation: The End -- and a New Beginning
  • Read, Hear and Keep what is Written