Man Pouring Out His Heart to God in Prayer


虽有千人仆倒在你旁边,万人仆倒在你右边,这灾却不得临近你。你唯亲眼观看,见恶人遭报。耶和华是我的避难所,你已将至高者当你的居所, 祸患必不临到你,灾害也不挨近你的帐篷。 (诗篇91:7-10)

诗篇旨在教我们做一件事 ,就是敬拜。这些诗篇反映了每一个人的情绪,但它们以一种重要的方式来反映:它们是人与上帝的关系中所看到的情绪。因此,这本书教导我们如何在上帝面前诚实。

Obtaining God's Help
The Pressure Of Problems Psalm 77:1-10
The Unthinkable Thought Psalm 77:11-12
The Cure For Doubt Psalm 77:11-15
The Greatness of God Psalm 77:14-15
Out of the Depths Psalm 77:16-20
Folksongs of Faith
A Song of Foundations Psalm 1
A Song of Confidence Psalm 42-43
A Song of Confession Psalm 73
A Song of Realities Psalm 90
A Song of Restoration Psalm 107
Who am I, Lord? Psalm 139
How to Worship Psalm 95
Here Comes the Judge Psalm 50
How to Handle a Bad Conscience Psalm 51
Man and God Psalm 8
The Living God Psalm 84
When You are Falsely Accused Psalm 109
The King in His Beauty Psalm 45
Lo, I Come Psalm 40
Best Wishes for the New Year Psalm 20
The Shepherd Psalm Psalm 23
Opening the Books Psalm 19
The Suffering Savior Psalm 22