Foundations of Faith

A Doctrinal Statement of Faith must cover a number of important biblical issues. People may not like that word doctrine, but understanding doctrine is important. Doctrine is just another word for teaching.

Foundations of the Faith

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In this class we are going to cover all the doctrinal elements in the PBC doctrinal statement, of which you have a copy (The PBC Doctrinal Statement of Faith). Let’s begin with prayer.

Thank you Father for the amazing truths of your Word, how they open our eyes to a wholly different world than we learn about in the course of life. We pray that we may be willing to learn, alert and instructed by the Spirit, made to understand the majesty and the glory of your Word. What an amazing revelation this is, and we pray that as we go through this subject tonight that you will lead us, open our minds, make us understand, teach us by the Spirit, strengthen me as I speak. We look to you for that wonderful ministry of the Spirit, that anointing that teaches us all things. We ask in Jesus’ name.

If you have read through the Doctrinal Statement now, you will notice it covers quite a number of subjects. I want to say just a word as we begin on the importance of doctrine. I know a lot of people don’t like that word. They consider doctrine boring, but doctrine is just another word for teaching. And teaching is what you have been subjected to all your life. That’s why you went to school. So I hope that as we go through these very fascinating subjects you will pray the prayer Jesus prayed which is recorded for us in the prophet Isaiah, who predicted great things about our Lord. One of them was that he would say to the Father, “Thou hast given me the ear of the learner.” We need to have the ear of the learner.

I want to try to present one of these for you in this opening session, covering the ground as quickly as I can, and then we want to conclude after a break with an open time of questions. I would like this course to be very practical, and seek to answer the questions that are on your minds.

Let me now read the one we want to cover tonight, and comment on that. This is on the doctrine of the Word of God itself. Fundamental to all teaching, of course, is the revelation of Scripture. The great passage that deals with this which I would urge you to read sometime during this course, is Psalm 119. This is a great psalm. The sole subject is the Word of God. You will find some familiar teaching in it. One of them is “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his ways? By taking heed thereto according to your Word.” There are other passages I’m sure you will recognize as you go through it, but that is essential teaching concerning the Word.