Bible Laying Open on a Table

Daily Devotional: Introduction

Most yearly devotional books are like eating in a school cafeteria day after day — you never know what will show up on your plate next. One day, a light meal may be provided from the gospels; the next day's offering may be something more substantial from the Old Testament prophets. Readers may experience a degree of satisfaction but still feel a nagging hunger for a more systematic and integrated approach to balance their spiritual health.

Ray C. Stedman (1917-1992) believed in biblical exposition. As pastor of Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto, California, for forty years, he was committed to preaching through entire books of the Bible, or at least major portions of them. He believed that by presenting the whole counsel of God in this way, his congregation would receive truth in balance and grow into mature saints, as God intended.

We have three books that cover one year of devotions each:

These books of daily readings seek to be true to Stedman's commitment to verse-by-verse exposition. Each month is a different book, major portion of a book or a thematic study. These are each explored in easily digested selections of scripture. Each daily devotion is designed to be accompanied with an open Bible, as it includes Scripture to be read along with one of Ray's sermons on the same passage. Additionally, at the beginning of each devotion is a printed verse from the passage that serves as the focal point of Ray's comments. A prayer at the end of each daily reading helps readers apply the lessons they have learned from that passage to their lives.

It is my hope that these books will provide a spiritual diet for growing believers who desire to know more of the power of His presence in their lives. The following link will always bring you to the devotional for the day so you may wish to bookmark it in your browser. Give this link a try to get started with today's:   Daily Devotion.

Mark S. Mitchell