Jesus Feeding the 5,000
Daily Devotions

Treasures of the Parables

In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets; but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son (Hebrews 1:1-2a)

Many Christians are confused about the need to study the word. They think of it as kind of an option, something to do if you are especially religious. But that is not what it is for at all. It is for those who want to find out what life is all about. It ought to interest anyone, anywhere. That is the character of the Word of God.

  1:  The Cure to Loneliness John 12:20-26
  2:  Seed Thoughts Mark 4:26-29
  3:  God and the Unthinking Luke 15:1-7
  4:  Lost at Home Luke 15:8-10
  5:  The Waiting Father Luke 15:11-24
  6:  Respectable and Lost Luke 15:25-32
  7:  Get Smart with Money Luke 16:1-18
  8:  The Main Thing Luke 16:19-31
  9:  Prayer's Certainties Luke 11:1-13
10: Why Pray? Luke 18:1-8
11: What Prayer Is Not Luke 18:9-12
12: True Prayer Luke 18:13-14
13: The Hard Heart Matthew 13:1-23
14: The Shallow Life Matthew 13:1-23
15: The Threat of Busyness Matthew 13:1-23
16: What Is My Heart Like Now? Matthew 13:1-23
17: The Mysterious Harvest Matthew 13:24-30
18: The Mustard Seed Matthew 13:31-35
19: The Sneaky Housewife Matthew 13:31-35
20: The Case of the Buried Treasure Matthew 13:44-46
21: The Case of the Valuable Pearl Matthew 13:44-46
22: The Case of the Great Net Matthew 13:47-50
23: The End of the Age Matthew 13:47-50
24: How to Handle Life Matthew 13:51-52
25: Breaking the Resentment Barrier Matthew 18:21-35
26: An Invitation to Joy Matthew 22:1-14
27: Feeding and Being Fed Matthew 24:42-51
28: Food at the Proper Time Matthew 24:42-51
29: In the Meantime Matthew 24:42-51
30: Oil in Our Lamps Matthew 25:1-13
31: To Risk or Not to Risk Matthew 25:14-30

A devotion introduction for May

The parables are very exciting and challenging portions of Scripture. They are like mystery novels; there is always something secret about them, something hidden; thus they are enticing, challenging. There are clues given in each of the parables to lead us to the meaning of it. This is God's way of stimulating us to investigate and discover a hidden truth which will be a real treasure to us, enriching our lives in fantastic ways when we act upon it. The study of the parables can be as exciting as reading a mystery novel — even more so — because you are always involved in the parable, and there is a treasure to be found at the end.