Wind Turning Pages of the Bible
Resumen bíblico

Panorama de las Escrituras

Él nos dió a conocer el misterio de su voluntad, según su beneplácito, el cual se había propuesto en sí mismo, de reunir todas las cosas en Cristo, en el cumplimiento de los tiempos establecidos, así las que están en los cielos como las que están en la tierra. (Efesios 1:9-10)

La Biblia es una biblioteca divina de una variedad maravillosa. No obstante, a través de esta variedad discurre un tema cohesivo, un mensaje, una sola historia. Se mueve hacia un punto concreto y dirige nuestra atención a una Persona. Los hombres por sí mismos nunca podrían conseguir esto. La Biblia ES la Palabra de Dios.

Overview of God's Word
The Goal of Revelation Entire Bible
God Spoke in Time Past Old Testament
God Has Spoken in These Last Days New Testament
Five Steps to Maturity Genesis - Deuteronomy
The Message of History Joshua - Esther
Music to Live By Job, Solomon
Things Surely to Be Believed, Part 1 Isaiah - Obadiah
Things Surely to Be Believed; Part 2 Jonah - Malachi
Four Faces of Christ Matthew - Acts
Christ in You Romans - Galatians
You in Christ Ephesians - Philemon
All About Faith Hebrews - Jude
The End Revelation

The Bible is a divine library, written during the course of fifteen centuries, with over forty contributing authors. It is a book of wonderful variety — from beautiful love stories to political intrigue rivaling anything in our day. There are stories that make the blood run cold, and poetic passages which soar to the very heights. There are simple everyday occurrences, as well as narratives of intense and intricate plots, cryptic passages with weird symbols and allegories that are difficult to penetrate and comprehend.

Yet through all this variety there runs one coherent theme, and this makes the Bible greater than anything humanity could produce. For despite the tremendous diversity of human authorship over a vast span of time, these writers produced a book that has one message, tells one story, moves to one point, and directs our attention to one Person. Men could never take at random any collection of books, put them together under one cover, and ever expect to have any remotely related theme develop. It would simply be impossible. This only strengthens our confidence that the Bible IS the Word of God.