Wind Turning Pages of the Bible
Resumen bíblico

Aspectos destacados de la Biblia

Por la palabra de Jehová fueron hechos los cielos; y todo el ejército de ellos, por el aliento de su boca. (Salmo 33:6)

La Biblia es el manual de vida más fascinante del mundo, que narra sus más tiernas y delicadas pasiones así como sus entresijos e intrigas políticas. Hay éxtasis poético junto con sangre y truenos, alegorías y símbolos extraños difíciles de escudriñar y comprender.

The Bible is easily the most fascinating book in the world. Granted it doesn't often appear as such to many. Some have even thought it to be dry and even boring. But that is surely because they have not spent much time with it. It is a book of wonderful variety. There are beautiful love stories which reflect the tenderest and most delicate of human passions. There are stories of political intrigue and maneuvering which rival anything we know today. There are stories of blood and thunder which chill the heart. There are poetic passages which soar to the very heights of ecstasy. There are narratives of intense interest and intricate plot and there are strange and cryptic passages filled with weird symbols and allegories which are difficult to penetrate and comprehend.