Mosaic of Matthew with an Angel
New Testament

Matthew: Behold Your King!

From that time on Jesus began to preach, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near." (Matthew 4:17)

Renan, the French skeptic, said, "The most important book that has ever been written is the Gospel of Matthew. The promise in Old Testament shadows, symbols and prophecies that Someone is coming begins unfolding in Matthew, where Christ as King steps forth in all His glory."

Behind History
The Mystery of History Matthew 13:1-17
The Case of the Lavish Farmer Matthew 13:3-23
The Case of the Mysterious Harvest Matthew 13:24-43
The Case of the Ambitious Seed Matthew 13:31-32
The Case of the Sneaky Housewife Matthew 13:33
The Case of the Buried Treasure Matthew 13:44
The Case of the Valuable Pearl Matthew 13:45-46
The Case of the Great Dragnet Matthew 13:47-50
How to Handle Life Matthew 13:51-52
What on Earth's Going to Happen? (Olivet Discourse)
The Long Look Ahead Matthew 24:1-3
The Age of Confusion Matthew 24:4-14
The Worship of Man Matthew 24:15-22
When the Dam Breaks Matthew 24:21-22
That Strange People, the Jews Matthew 24:16-20
Russia, Religion, and Ruin Matthew 24:21-23
The Secret Presence Matthew 24:23-38
The Power and the Glory Matthew 24:29-31
A Thief in the Night Matthew 24:32-44
In the Mean Time Matthew 24:45-51
The Wise and the Foolish Matthew 25:1-13
Living Dangerously Matthew 25:14-30
The Unconscious Test Matthew 25:31-46