Acts 1-12: An Unfinished Story

Daily Devotions for the Month of May

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1: The Unfinished Book Ac 1:1-14
2: The Birthday of the Church Ac 1:15-2:4
3: All People Ac 2:4-21
4: Jesus the Christ Ac 2:22-31
5: Cut to the Heart Ac 2:32-37
6: What To Do? Ac 2:38-41
7: The Young Church Ac 2:42-47
8: Look at Us! Ac 3:1-10
9: By Faith in His Name Ac 3:11-26
10: The Radical Resurrection Ac 4:1-12
11: When the Establishment is Wrong Ac 4:13-22
12: The Mystery of History Ac 4:23-31
13: Body Life Ac 4:32-36
14: The Prince of Pretense Ac 5:1-11
15: True Healing Ac 5:12-16
16: Confrontation! Ac 5:17-42
17: How the Body Functions Ac 6:1-8
18: The True House of God Ac 6:8-7:56
19: The First Martyr Ac 7:57-8:1
20: From Persecution to Proclamation Ac 8:1-4
21: Christ Centered or Self Centered? Ac 8:5-24
22: The Divine Wind Ac 8:25-40
23: Beloved Enemy Ac 9:1-19
24: Learning Meekness Ac 9:9-31
25: The Cure for Death Ac 9:32-10:23
26: Forgiven! Ac 10:23-11:18
27: A Good Man Ac 11:19-30
28: A New Man and a New Name Ac 11:25-26
29: To Cause To Shine Ac 11:27-30
30: The Difference Prayer Makes Ac 12:1-19a
31: The Folly of Pride Ac 12:19b-25

The book of Acts is the action book of the New Testament, and it constitutes therefore one of the most exciting books of the Bible. The full name of it is, The Acts Of The Apostles, but there are not many apostles mentioned in it. James, John, Peter, and Paul are the only ones who appear in any prominence. Through the centuries Christians have shortened this title and called it simply, The Acts. I like that better for this is the book of action, revealing how God is at work through Christians.

There is intense conflict throughout the book, but a conflict met by a ringing confidence that is wonderful to see. It is a record of power exercised in the midst of persecution; an account of life and health pouring from a living Christ into a sick society through the channel of obscure men and women, very much like you and me. We could never understand the New Testament if we did not have the book of Acts, for it fills the gap that would exist between the Gospels and the book of Romans, which follows. At the end of the Gospels we find a handful of Jews gathered in Jerusalem talking about a kingdom to come to Israel. In the book of Romans we find an apostle who is not even mentioned in the Gospels, and who was not one of the twelve, writing to a band of Christians in the capital city of Rome, talking about going to the ends of the earth. The book of Acts tells us how this happened, and why this change occurred.

We pray God will bless you through this daily devotion.

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