Stained Glass of an Angel Giving God’s Word to His Prophet
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La profecía

Tenemos también la palabra profética más segura, a la cual hacéis bien en estar atentos... Pero ante todo entended que ninguna profecía de la Escritura es de interpretación privada, porque nunca la profecía fue traída por voluntad humana, sino que los santos hombres de Dios hablaron siendo inspirados por el Espíritu Santo. (2 Pedro 1:19-21)

Lo que determina el futuro es lo que Dios ha hecho en el pasado y lo que ha prometido que hará en el porvenir. Así que no tenga una visión plana de lo que está ocurriendo en el presente.

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The poet James Russell Lowell once spoke of ... one far-off, divine event toward which the whole creation moves. He meant by that the second coming of Jesus Christ to earth, the reappearance of the historic person of Jesus of Nazareth, not as he came the first time, in humiliation and weakness, as a man among men, but coming, as he himself declared, as the Son of God in power and great glory to establish a kingdom that will include the whole earth, and to rule over the nations.

From time to time it happens in human history that the events which are recorded moment by moment on television and radio, and day by day in our newspapers, are most sharply and clearly commented upon in the pages of the Bible. When this happens interest in the biblical account always revives, and we are grateful for this. But we always need to keep the following notion in mind: What determines the future is what God has done in the past and what He has promised to do in the future. So don't look horizontally at current events.