Good News Spelled Out in Multiple Colors
Nuevo Testamento

Hechos: Una historia inacabada

Pero recibiréis poder cuando haya venido sobre vosotros el Espíritu Santo, y me seréis testigos en Jerusalén, en toda Judea, en Samaria y hasta lo último de la tierra. (Hechos 1:8)

El libro de los hechos de los apóstoles es la crónica de los eventos que hicieron que el evangelio traspasara los confines del judaísmo y la ciudad de Jerusalén para alcanzar los límites del mundo entonces conocido; y todo ello en una sola generación.

Where the Action Is
Out of the Shadows Acts 1:1-14
The Birthday of the Church Acts 1:15 - 2:4
What is This? Acts 2:4-21
Jesus the Christ Acts 2:22-37
The Young Church Acts 2:37-47
Power to Heal Acts 3:1-10
By Faith in His Name Acts 3:11-26
The Radical Resurrection Acts 4:1-12
When the Establishment is Wrong Acts 4:13-31
Body Life Acts 4:32 - 5:11
Confrontation! Acts 5:12-42
Handling Dissension Acts 6:1-8
What More Can He Say? Acts 6:8 - 8:1
The Church under Pressure
The Gospel versus Magic Acts 8:1-24
The Divine Wind Acts 8:25-40
Beloved Enemy Acts 9:1-19
The Yoke of Christ Acts 9:19-31
The Cure for Death Acts 9:32 - 10:23
Life for All Acts 10:23 - 11:18
Expanding Horizons Acts 11:19-30
When Prison Doors Open Acts 12:1-25
The Pattern Setters
The Strategy of the Spirit Acts 13:1-13
The Radical Word Acts 13:13-52
Counterattack Acts 14:1-28
What's God Doing? Acts 15:1-21
The Ways God Guides Acts 15:22 - 16:10
D-Day at Philippi Acts 16:11-40
Rabble and Nobles Acts 17:1-15
Athens Versus Paul Acts 17:16-34
The Cross in Corinth Acts 18:1-22
Halfway Christians Acts 18:23 - 19:7
Off Witchcraft! Acts 19:8-20
Christianity is Dangerous Acts 19:21 - 20:1
Last Words Acts 20:2-38
The Prisoner of the Lord
Paul's Mistake Acts 21:1-26
Trouble at Jerusalem Acts 21:27 - 22:29
Love that Never Lets Go Acts 22:30 - 23:35
Discipline of Delay Acts 24
Before Governors and Kings Acts 25 - 26
God and Shipwrecks Acts 27
The End of the Beginning Acts 28