Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith

Daily Devotions for the Month of October

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1: The Secret Of Beauty And Strength Ps 1
2: Light And Truth Ps 43
3: When Feet Slip Ps 73:1-14
4: The View From The Sanctuary Ps 73:15-28
5: The Dwelling Place Ps 90:1-6
6: The Tragic Sense Of Life Ps 90:7-17
7: A Place To Settle Ps 107:1-32
8: Steadfast Love Ps 107:1, 33-43
9: When You Are Falsely Accused Ps 109
10: Design And Determinism Ps 139:1-18
11: A Prayer Of Passion Ps 139:19-24
12: Hidden Faults Ps 19
13: Help From The Sanctuary Ps 20
14: The Suffering Savior Ps 22
15: No Want Ps 23:1
16: Where Needs Are Met Ps 23:2-3a
17: Guidance Ps 23:3b
18: Through The Valley Ps 23:4
19: Worship In The Wilderness Ps 23:5-6
20: A Song Of Resurrection Ps 40
21: The King In His Beauty Ps 45
22: The Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving Ps 50
23: A Cry For Mercy Ps 51:1-9
24: A Willing Spirit Ps 51:10-19
25: A Crisis Of Faith Ps 77:1-10
26: Obtaining God's Help Ps 77:11-13
27: From Despair To Victory Ps 77:14-15
28: Man And God Ps 8
29: The Secret Of Usefulness Ps 84
30: Why Give Thanks? Ps 95:1-5
31: Hearken To His Voice! Ps 95:6-11

This month, we will discover the treasure of what many regard as the richest part of Scripture. C. H. Spurgeon called the Psalms the treasury of David, and a treasury is a place where riches are kept.

The Psalms are the folk songs of the Bible, and this is a generation that loves folk songs. These marvelous ancient folk songs are much like the ballad style of music that we hear so much today, which simply recounts the experiences of various men and women. The Psalms relate the experiences of believers of the past, reflecting on the emotional upsets, problems, and disturbances that saints of old have endured. Their songs tell how they found their way through, and they are wonderful, therefore, for helping us in our emotional pressures. There is no book like the Psalms to meet the need of the heart when it is discouraged and defeated or when it is elated and encouraged. This book is absolutely without peer in its expression of emotion. The Psalms are helpful simply because they teach us how to find our way through many types of problems.

Most of the Psalms were written by David, but not all. Some were written by his choir leaders in Jerusalem, and the names of Asaph, Jeduthun, Ethan, and others appearing in the Psalms are royal choirmasters. One or two were written by Moses, and one or two by King Solomon. There are several Psalms whose authors it is impossible to identify. The whole book is a collection that has been put together by the ancient Hebrews in order that we might understand the joys and sorrows that the people of God have experienced and how they found their way out during times of difficulty.

PLEASE NOTE: The devotions for October 15-19 were written by David Roper.

We pray God will bless you through this daily devotion.

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