Ecclesiastes 1:1-3, 13-14 -- The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem: "Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless." What does man gain from all his labor at which he toils under the sun?

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

Ecclesiastes 5 Commentary of the Bible

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Watch Your Step  ( Ecclesiastes 5:1-17 )  Daily Devotion

Guard your steps when you go to the house of God (Ecclesiastes 5:1a)

Learn to let God be God; that is the first thing He declares to us. The lessons of life will fall into place when you learn that. God is in charge of life, so let Him be in charge; take these lessons from His hands.

How To Enjoy Life  ( Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 )  Daily Devotion

Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work — this is a gift of God. (Ecclesiastes 5:19)

Enjoyment does not come from possessions or riches; nor does it come from companionship, popularity, and fame; or from the approval and admiration of others. Enjoyment comes by knowing the living God and taking everything from His hand with thanksgiving, whether it is pain or pleasure. That is the gift of God, and that is the lesson of this great book