Jeremiah: A Profile of Courage

Jeremiah 3:22 -- "Return, faithless people; I will cure you of backsliding."

"Yes, we will come to you, for you are the LORD our God."

Jeremiah 21 Commentary of the Bible

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Why the Land Mourns  ( Jeremiah 21-25 )  Sunday Message

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In our last study, in Jeremiah 20, we were, historically speaking, in the fourth year of the reign of King Jehoiakim in Judah, when Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, for the first time brought his armies up against Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar made several expeditions against the city before it was finally overthrown and demolished, and its people led into captivity. In this first invasion Nebuchadnezzar took away into Babylon certain treasures from the temple at Jerusalem, and also certain young princes of Judah.