Job 13:15 -- Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face.

Job 34 Commentary of the Bible

This page contains a listing of all the material on the website that contains Job 34 commentary. Each entry contains a title, scripture reference, an audio player (if we have the audio), as well as the first portion of the text. Please click on the title to see the complete message for any listed entry.

Key pages for Job commentary in the library:

Your God is Too Small  ( Job 34-37 )  Sunday Message

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We have watched Job as his three friends have tried to help him, but they have only made matters worse. Finally he has come to the place where he cries out in the midst of his torment for an explanation, for some word from God, for some way out of this terrible distress. Suddenly, without any introduction, a young man named Elihu, who has been standing by, addresses Job and his friends. We are not told anything about him; he suddenly appears in that unique way God has of speaking in ways that we could not imagine.

Tried To The End  ( Job 34-35 )  Daily Devotion

Oh, that Job might be tested to the utmost for answering like a wicked man! (Job 34:36)