Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Walls

Neh 6:15-16 -- So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days. When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God.

Nehemiah 13 Commentary of the Bible

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Drastic Action  ( Nehemiah 13:1-9 )  Daily Devotion

I was greatly displeased and threw all Tobiah's household goods out of the room. I gave orders to purify the rooms, and then I put back into them the equipment of the house of God, with the grain offerings and the incense. (Nehemiah 13:8-9)

Looking for a Few Good Men  ( Nehemiah 13:1-14 )  Sunday Message

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If you like stories with happy endings you will not like Chapter 13 of Nehemiah. You will probably feel that the prophet should have quit with the great celebration, recorded in Chapter 12, of the dedication of the rebuilt walls of Jerusalem. This closing chapter is really the story of a backward slide on the part of these people while Nehemiah was gone for awhile. "When the cat's away, the mice will play," goes the old proverb. But the trouble actually began on the very day of the dedication of the wall, while Nehemiah was still present.

Are You Faithful?  ( Nehemiah 13:10-14 )  Daily Devotion

I put Shelemiah the priest, Zadok the scribe, and a Levite named Pedaiah in charge of the storerooms and made Hanan son of Zaccur, the son of Mattaniah, their assistant, because these men were considered trustworthy. (Nehemiah 13:13a)

Preventing Burnout and Preserving Power  ( Nehemiah 13:15-31 )  Sunday Message

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As we come to the closing study in this great book of Nehemiah it has been a refreshing thing for me to see how God greatly used this remarkable man, cupbearer to the King of Persia, to restore the worship of Jehovah to the nation of Judah.

The True Sabbath Rest  ( Nehemiah 13:15-22 )  Daily Devotion

In those days I saw men in Judah treading winepresses on the Sabbath and bringing in grain and loading it on donkeys, together with wine, grapes, figs and all other kinds of loads. And they were bringing all this into Jerusalem on the Sabbath, Therefore I warned them against selling food on that day. (Nehemiah 13:15)

The Unequal Yoke  ( Nehemiah 13:23-29 )  Daily Devotion

Must we hear now that you too are doing all this terrible wickedness and are being unfaithful to our God by marrying foreign women? (Nehemiah 13:27)

Remember Me  ( Nehemiah 13:30-31 )  Daily Devotion

Remember me with favor, O my God. (Nehemiah 13:31b)